Providing solutions to your promotional quandaries

At The Shetland Times we take pride in providing a friendly service offering advice, ideas and solutions for any print or promotional issues you may be experiencing. Trading since 1872, you can have confidence that any recommendations received come from an in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience of the print and media trade. 

Whatever your print or promotional needs, we are here to assist and provide the end result or product you desire. This may be producing your company’s entire print requirement, delivering a solution to meet a tight deadline or creating a promotional campaign that creates maximum impact to raise awareness of your organisation.

One major benefit of using our company is the time saving aspect offered as we complete the majority of our printing in our Lerwick print factory based in Shetland. We are proud to be the only local printing business who produce print in Shetland on the only commercial printing presses based in the island.

When you employ our services, you access a wide network of print and media capabilities and we will always strive to find a way of helping you achieve your goals. 

We provide access to many promotional media channels which offer clients the option to showcase their business to a wide audience of customers, simultaneously, through a variety of platforms including commercial print, newspapers, magazines, online and social media.

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