Our main aim is to achieve a continued reduction in chemical usage and material waste whilst improving our general energy efficiency and use of recycled products and related recycling opportunities. As part of this development our environmental policy keeps all staff clearly informed of the company’s expectations and goals. Compliance with all current environmental legislation is seen as a vital component of our business.

The Shetland Times remains committed to actively encouraging the use of recycled papers and engages regularly with customers to help improve their organisation’s environmental credentials. We promote the use of recycled stocks for printed media to help reduce the environmental impact on raw materials worldwide.

The papers we use come in many environmentally responsible forms. They incorporate partly and fully recycled stocks, sourced from pre and post consumer waste, are elemental or totally chlorine free (ECF) (TCF) and obtained from sustainable forests.

The Shetland Times is proud to have had our environmental efforts rewarded. We received the Shetland Tidy Business Gold Award 2012, Green Apple Gold Environmental Award for Media 2010, Keep Scotland Beautiful Tidy Business Standard Silver Award 2010 & 2011 and the Shetland Environmental Award 2009.

Sustainability: With every purchase of new machinery we make in the future The Shetland Times intends to improve not only on our technical and production capabilities, but continue to increase our environmental credentials. Some benefits from our actions will also be inextricably passed on to the clients who choose to use our greener printing services.

Through our on-going use of recycled materials and involvement in recycling processes, The Shetland Times continues to minimise the effects we have on our immediate and global environments. We are pledged to contribute to ensuring a sustainable future for our industry.

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