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We simply want the best results for our clients. Our Cross Media service helps you communicate and engage with customers through a planned campaign that we create for you and then project manage. We help reduce your workload, freeing up time to concentrate other important business activities whilst we reach a wide audience of potential customers for you.

What is Cross Media?

Cross Media is an extremely effective marketing tool which has the ability to boost your sales and create new custom for your business.

It combines many promotional platforms including print, online, social media and newspaper/magazine advertising into one single campaign which we create for you.

What can it do for you?

We help plan your campaign and utilise a mixture of commercial print, online, social media, newspaper and magazine promotions to access a wide audience and demographic of potential customers simultaneously.
Our aim is to help you gain more orders, build customer relationships, and improve awareness and understanding of your company, its services, people and products.

Is it a complicated process?… not with us creating your campaigns!

  • Call us, or we can visit you, for an informal chat
  • Tell us your aims, objectives and preferred outcomes
  • We’ll create a campaign timeline with you
  • We run the campaign for you which remains flexible throughout its lifespan
  • We’ll provide statistics to show the success rate of your campaign

Cross Media Client Testimonials

Feedback from our Cross Media clients to date has been extremely positive. For us, when our clients’ reap the rewards of a well-run campaign, we have achieved the collaborative goal:

Shetland Folk FestivalThe Cross Media campaign was a very helpful tool. Publicity is key for us and we need to speak to people on a world wide scale and on a number of platforms. It really helped communicate the new ticketing and membership system we launched last year. It most likely helped increase our ticket sales, we are happy with the outcome. It’s good to be able to discuss a budget and the options we want and have it tailor made to suit our schedule of events. The coverage of the festival up to and during the festival by the Shetland Times works exceptionally well for us and it certainly reaches a wide audience.

Shetland Amenity TrustOur Cross Media campaign with the Shetland Times worked really well. The range of media sources including leaflets, newspaper advertising and editorial, and the social media side of things helped us reach a really wide audience. Discussing the project at the beginning and agreeing a timetable of actions to fit in with our own schedule and the calendar of events really helped to keep things on track. The support from the advertising, editorial and print sections of the Shetland Times was great. Their input and enthusiasm was like getting first hand feedback.  I’m really pleased with the way it’s all gone and it was definitely a help that you guys were so easy to work with.

Let’s unlock your promotional potential

To arrange a consultation or for further information on any of our services or products, please contact us on 01595 742000 or complete our “contact us” form and one of our team will get back in touch with you to discuss and assist with your enquiry.