Customised NCR Business Forms (self copying) – NCR sets can be, for example, invoices, delivery notes, order forms or receipts or simply any business form which requires multiple copies with self copying paper.

NCR forms usually have the same image on every sheet but can have different images on each copy.  In some cases the reverse side of the top sheet is printed (usually with Terms & Conditions) in grey ink. NCR printed forms are usually two part, three part or four part but can be more. In most cases they contain white and tinted printed copies.

FAN APART is loose sets containing two, three or four self copying sets of sheets.

PADS are collated into sets and then glued in pads of 50 sets with a grey back board.

BOOKS usually have all copies (except the bottom copy) perforated down the left hand side enabling you to tear out the leaves cleanly. They are stitched down the left hand side in sets of 50 incorporating a card cover and spine tape.