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September 18, 2021

You can use your own digital photographs and make this a truly personal gift. Images of your family, friends, special occasions…

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Select your favourite personal digital photographs to make your calendar a truly personal gift.

Images of your family, friends, special occasions, birthdays, holidays, sporting achievements, walks, adventures, family event or simply some of your favourite scenic photos of Shetland are only a few of the potential subjects that make perfect content for this calendar format. Why not mix and match photos from all of those suggestions!?

All you have to do is send us in the photographs, and you can include captions too if you like, and we will do the rest for you.

Our calendars are printed on a sustainably sourced paper stock that will allow you to write and make notes in the calendar blocks. Beware of cheap imitations! Our calendar are wire loop bound and come with centre hangers.

Order before the last Friday in November and we’ll have your calendar ready to add to the lucky recipients Christmas stocking.

Our Top Tip: Choose photographs that are sharp/in focus for the best end result.


January 6, 2015

Our “Stationery Pack Special Offer” was implemented to give start-up businesses, be they micro, cottage, small or medium in size….

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Benefits of producing our Stationery Starter Package:

Our “Stationery Pack Special Offer” was implemented to give start-up businesses, be they micro, cottage, small or medium in size, access to professionally produced corporate documents at an economic rate.

Costs include creating your artwork and we have extended this offer to include businesses who wish to rebrand or redesign their current stationery too.

Ordering this special offer for your initial stationery order is more cost effective than ordering each of the three individual items separately.

The public face or corporate image of a business is vitally important. Creating a positive first impression can be crucial when trying to win new work or contracts. This pack ensures your business cards, compliment slips and letterheads have a positive visual and tactile impact.

Customer: Various including, Centre for Nordic Studies, Smiths of Lerwick, Lerwick DIY, Shetland Wind Power Ltd, Shetland Maritime Ltd, A. M. Saunders and Co, GB Design and Consultants to name only a few.

Customer Feedback:

We receive re-orders on a regular basis which is a good indication that this popular offer continues to work well and provides good value.


All items are industry standard sizes with business cards 55mm x 90mm, compliment slips 99mm x 210mm (1/3A4) and letterheads 210mm x 297mm (A4).

Our Recommendation: Stick with industry standard sizes these will allow your business cards to fit in storage wallets and letterheads are suitable for lever arch folder etc.


Business cards are on 350gsm matt coated with the compliment slips and letterheads printed on 100gsm bond.

Our Recommendation: There is an option to choose one of our recycled ranges of papers. Let us know if this is your preferred option and we can discuss the possibilities further.


There are three packs to choose from to best suit your organisations needs; single colour, two colour or full colour options. Call us or drop along to see which one is most suitable and we can show you samples of previous jobs printed, paper samples and prices for the various options.

Our Recommendation: Your choice will be partly decided by your company logo – ie if it is a line drawing or simple font, single or two colours would suffice – if it is full colour this would be your best option to keep continuity running through your corporate image .


We provide plastic business card storage boxes free of charge with your order and will complete your job to meet pre-arranged delivery dates.

Our Top Tip:

Order this stationery pack and make a great value saving on your initial order.

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