March 1, 2011
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Our Rockwell Goss Community is an eight-unit, web offset, lithographic press incorporating a four-colour printing tower. This allows us to produce our local newspaper The Shetland Times, the Orkney & Shetland Standard, various special event feature pull-outs, and in 2005 a special edition daily full-colour newspaper for the Island Games sporting event which was held in Shetland over seven days.

The Goss began life at our previous premises at Prince Alfred Street, Lerwick in 1980 with only three units and a folder. Additional units have since been installed to meet our customers’ advertising needs and also a demand for increased pagination.

For the technically minded, some of our press specifications and related details are listed below:

  • Maximum capacity, printed in one run using all eight units, produces a 40-page tabloid newspaper (including eight full-colour pages);
  • Papers larger than 40pp are produced in separate runs and collated together;
  • Five webs are run and split as they are formed on a v-folder;
  • It takes three printers and two assistants to run a 40pp newspaper;
  • Run speed is approximately 13,000 copies per hour;
  • Single width units run blanket to blanket from paper housed within integral web reel stands;
  • Reel statistics: width = 890mm, length 11750m, weight = 477kg, grammage = 45gsm;
  • Approximately 18,000 copies of an 8pp newspaper are contained on one reel;
  • An average of four full reels are used every week to produce the local newspaper;
  • Approximately 11,500 copies of The Shetland Times are printed on a Thursday each week.

Please contact us if you are considering producing a project in a “newspaper” style format and we can discuss the technical specifications prior to providing you with a free quotation.

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