April 22, 2019
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

Pull up banners are fantastic for grabbing the attention of passers-by, potential customers, sponsors and anyone who is attending the event you are working at.

We have a variety of stands (standard – mid range – premium) depending on what your budget may be or where the banner is located. For regular events, meetings or shows we recommend our standard or mid range cassette stands or if you perhaps want a long term banner for your reception area, we can let you see our premium option.

They are all very easy to set up, take down and pack into the carrying cases that we supply with every banner and are, of course, reusable. We can also reskin (most) cassettes that you may already have with new banner designs and content. The robust grey back PVC material we use is long lasting and reproduces bright, colourful printed images.

We’ll discuss your intended end use for the banners and happily create designs that suit the event/s you are attending, your corporate image, the main outcomes you want to get from the banner and if you need them to last for a long or short term. Give us a call, we’re keen to get your project started!