March 12, 2019
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

Raise awareness of your business, products, services and events by utilising our design, printing and distribution services.

We love to take your content and create artwork that will catch the attention of readers and let them know more about what you have to offer. Although some businesses assume everyone knows what they do and can provide, we’ve found that it’s always a good plan to remind potential and current customers now and again.

Promoting new or current services, different products, new product lines and offers can often lead to orders being placed or further recognition of what local business can offer. We can also distribute your promotional work throughout Shetland to ensure wide coverage to help get your message across locally.

Supporting business and informing the Shetland community is part of our service and we welcome visitors to call along our print shop or contact us to help get your projects underway. Let’s get going and let everyone know how good your business is and why they should be calling you!