February 18, 2019
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

To add a touch of class to any self-adhesive stickers, labelling or badges you are contemplating producing, add our doming service and products to your list when considering how to get the best from your project.

We design, print on gloss white vinyl and then add a mercury free, beautifully clear and durable polyurethane resin dome to create an eye-catching label that’s ideal for most indoor and some outdoor applications. They work best on flat, non-porous surfaces on which they will be splash-proof.

They are great for producing centres for sports trophies too and we can produce centres that have your sports club name to add that bespoke aspect that can be treasured by the recipients for years to come. Adding them to keyrings, bottle openers or tools to add extra personalisation is all possible. We’ve even produced name tags for a Jarl’s Squad Up Helly Aa shields!

To try our customised 3D domed labels on your product drop by to see our sample range and we can discuss your project further.