May 3, 2018
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Welcome to the 38th Shetland Folk Festival…complete with tunes, laughs and some serious sleepless nights!!

We’ve completed the official programme and are excited to see such a great line up once again.

We thoroughly enjoy working with the Folk Festival each year to help them promote their event creating full colour flyers alongside newspaper and magazine and online/social media advertising. As we also print The Shetland Times newspaper every week, our coverage of the event alongside any videos we can capture for our news website, helps provide great all round coverage of the event that has become a staple in many a Shetlanders’, returning tourists’ and music fanatics’, yearly calendar.

Having so many visiting artistes and visitors to our islands join in the fun makes it all the more special. You’ll have a great time at this event and we hope you enjoy the programme and can make time to visit the supporting businesses who have advertised within the programme to help support this fantastic festival.