September 25, 2017
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…..asked many locals as the naked (top right) van cruised past. We are delighted with our new van graphics and are can now reveal – it’s us, The Shetland Times!!

Promoting our core business of design & print, weekly printed newspaper, monthly magazine and online news portal, we hope our eye-catching graphics (and van colour) get more potential customers talking. And talking to us about utilising all our products and services.

The newspaper brand is very well known but can sometimes lead to our other products and services being overshadowed. The van graphics are to remind all potential clients that our design team and print factory facilities (we have the only commercial print presses on the island) are available to them.

Well designed promotional print products still pack a mighty punch, have an enviable reach and provide great ROI. In this age of multimedia marketing and communication, print retains a number of unique qualities that grab the attention of consumers. By integrating print and online services, we help manage and provide our customers with highly effective cross media packages that can include online advertising, videos and podcast promotions.

We foresee our latest weapon, the green machine, will help us get this message across.