June 1, 2016
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

We’ve just delivered an order for promotional flyers to a new local tour business operating out of Lerwick Harbour and we wish them well for the forthcoming seasons.

Shetland Seabird Tours flyer also includes a new highly tactile finish that we now offer which provides a little extra protection from any drizzly weather or splashes. The “soft touch” lamination will allow any light moisture to be wiped off but also adds a luxurious finish that will stimulate the senses! As the name suggests, there is a smooth yet soft feel to the finish which, in our experience to date, is always commented upon in a positive fashion by the leaflet reader!

If you think your business stationery or promotional material would benefit from this finish give us a call and we can let you experience “soft touch” before placing your next order. Drop in along and see the range of samples available at our Gremista factory.