December 22, 2015
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We are extremely pleased to have been involved in publishing and printing the recently launched Otters in Shetland – The tale of the “draatsi” (Shetland dialect for otter)Working closely with the authors from the outset our publishing and design team created a layout that complements the wonderful photography and associated text.

The quality of print reproduction throughout the book is extremely sharp and our production team have excelled in all areas to produce fine addition to our range of publications that have strong local connections to Shetland.

Beautifully finished, this casebound publication is a must for your coffee table, will keep you entertained and coming back for more time after time. This is the perfect gift for any wildlife enthusiast or to those who simply appreciate fantastic photography.

The book is available to purchase at The Shetland Times bookshop or through our e-commerce site at

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