June 5, 2015
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Inform your audience and at the same time, leave them with a lasting reminder of the great time they had, the events and people that they saw and a good reason to come back again another year!

We print programmes in all formats to best suit your occasion. The Shetland Jaws Festival programme was 165 x 240mm to help provide a slightly larger than standard edition. This allowed use of large profile images with the informative biographies and event information text completing the pages.

Drop along well in advance of your event and discuss your requirements. In addition to printing this programme we also created and ran a cross media campaign through our newspaper, magazine, web site (www.shetlandtimes.co.uk) and social media sites to help raise the festival’s profile and audience awareness. Good luck and well done from us to the event organisers and we hope everyone enjoys what is sure to be a fantastic 10 day+ musical extravaganza!!
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