January 2, 2015
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

Creating high impact, instructive packs for your business is the perfect way to provide consumers relevant information on your products, services, projects and capabilities.

Our folder packs are produced along with insert sheets to offer a comprehensive summary of your projects and leave clients/visitors with a positive and knowledgeable impression.

Customer: Various including, Shetland Heritage Trails (featured).

Size: Our folders can incorporate A5 up to A4 insert sheets and can be 4pp or 6pp folders which usually include a capacity to house the information sheets.

Our Recommendation: A 5mm capacity is usually sufficient to hold an adequate amount of inserts. Check at the projects outset that this will suit your needs.

Materials: A gloss/matt/silk board from 250gsm-350gsm will provide the rigidity required for the folder pack – a wide range of weights can be used for the inserts.

Our Recommendation: If you are adding a lamination to the folder, you may be able to choose a slightly lighter board weight.

Printing: Full colour throughout – it provides better reading experience for your potential customers’ and helps create a more positive impact.

Our Recommendation: Get your job printed using the lithographic process on a commercial printing press for the most professional finish.

Finishing: Add a lamination to provide both protection and add an extra tactile luxury finish.

ADD PRINT – ADD POWER to your promotions:

When you need to communicate, consider print and paper. For impact, user friendliness, responsiveness touch and enjoyment, there’s nothing more successful or powerful.