August 28, 2012
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Title: Small Boats of Shetland

Our experience in printing, publishing and distributing books, local publications in particular, is second to none. We understand how important your book is and that you may have many questions to ask before deciding to go to print. Call us to discuss your project and let us provide you with the complete book printing service.

Customer: Centre for Nordic Studies / UHI

Customer Feedback: “The quality of the final product is just excellent, design was just great, the author spent a lot of time on the phone with your designer and she was really impressed by his creativity, speed and technical skills. In terms of product, we really got what we wanted….”.

Size: Books come in many sizes/formats but A5 and A4 are probably most common. This book was a 64pp + paperback cover, A5 landscape format.

Our Recommendation: If your book contains photographic images, this may prove the deciding factor in whether you choose a portrait or landscape format.

Materials: The project benefitted from use of a one sided board for the cover and the inner leaves were printed on a 170gsm silk. This provided the reflective qualities required to further enhance the photographs and afford a pleasant reading experience.

Our Recommendation: Our stock and range of paper and board is continually being updated to incorporate a wide variety to give our customers an extensive choice. Let us guide you towards the most suitable substrate for your project.

Printing: Full colour throughout on our lithographic commercial printing press gives the highest quality results with consistent colour replication.

Our Recommendation: Beware of lower quality digital productions at discounted prices.

Finishing: Gloss laminated covers provide protection and a luxurious finish at an affordable price. We can provide stitched, glued (paperback) or sewn (hardback) spines depending on your needs.

ADD PRINT – ADD POWER to your promotions: PRINT is still the preferred medium for the vast majority of people including the new generation of digital natives. 83% of the 18-23 year olds surveyed believe reading from paper is nicer than reading off a screen.