August 13, 2012
|  Filed under: Printed Jobs

Having a corporate brochure printed to enhance your company’s profile and promote your services/products, is a vital communication tool into today’s media. 

Print continues to retain its glossy, tactile advantage –  people are re-discovering print as something you can focus on, enjoy, feel good and relax with no other distractions or interruptions (that come as part of the digital world).

Customer: Brudolff Hotels (The Kveldsro House Hotel, The Shetland Hotel, The Lerwick Hotel).

Size: This 16pp, A4, portrait format provides the perfect format to showcase the stunning photography of both the Shetland landscape and Brudolff’s interior images.

Our Recommendation: Write your text, edit and then edit again! Although the A4 format provides plenty of layout space, don’t overload your publication with blocks of text.

Materials: 150gsm silk art paper worked well for this project and produced vibrant reproduction of the photographic images.

Our Recommendation: From economy through to specialist and recycled substrates, we can help you choose a paper to provide the best end results.

Printing: Full colour with a protective machine sealer throughout was applied to reduce marking and add a resilient quality to this project.

Our Recommendation: For high impact, eye-catching publications, full colour is the best option.

ADD PRINT – ADD POWER to your promotions: The enduring quality of print is something that cannot be replicated on-line. People hang on to print versions and hand them on to others.