June 5, 2012
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Customer: Shetland Jazz Club

Why produce an event programme: Branded programmes with content such as biographies and timetables for events like this are extremely print-appropriate and will give a boost to the number of people who attend the event. This in turn leads to more revenue, and importantly, can help make the festival a success.

Size: This 20pp, A5 booklet is a versatile format and can accommodate large photographic images. If you require more content the pagination must be increased by four pages each time – eg 24pp, 28pp, 32pp etc.

Our Recommendation: Decide how many pages you require prior to calling for a free quotation.  You may find a 32pp booklet is just as economical as a 28pp – discuss this with us.

Materials: This programme is printed on silk art 170gsm inners with a 250gsm cover giving it premium tactile rating and classy finish.

Our Recommendation: A recycled stock was sourced for this programme,  adding an environmental rating to the event.

Printing: Full colour throughout shows off the band and artistes imagery to its full potential.

Add Print – Add Power to your promotions: With all good publications there’s a feeling of substance, of stimulating the senses. Accessibility and portability of products like this are also the practical advantages and good reasons why you should consider producing quality printed items to help promote your event.