June 1, 2016
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It’s time for our Summer Motoring leaflet! Having a few days of nice weather perhaps doesn’t justify calling it summer just yet but it’s easy to justify why readers should shop locally for all their motoring needs as our participating businesses have some great products and services on offer.

Get in touch with them and get great advice and deals.

Distributed as an insert in The Shetland Times newspaper throughout Shetland using our “town and country” option (8400 copies) all participating businesses get the added bonus of access to our 18,360 AIR readership figure (number of adults over the age of 15 in Shetland who read our title).

If you would like to get included  in the next Summer (or Winter) edition of this promotional leaflet give us a call on 01595 742000 or contact us at printing@shetlandtimes.co.uk. The leaflet provides excellent value for money to our clients as we split production and distribution cost equally between participating businesses which makes this a very attractive marketing option.

ADD PRINT, ADD POWER to your promotions.

There are as many benefits to print, perhaps the most important is tangibility and the fact readers have made a conscious decision to put time aside to read without any distractions. With all good publications there’s also a feeling of substance, of stimulating the senses, taking the reader further down the “path to purchase” – that’s always a good route!!

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