January 7, 2015
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Customer Feedback: The initial leaflet was designed by us, printed in English only and proved very successful. Positive feedback from our customer and their consumer facilitated further editions being printed in German and Italian, establishing that this project continues to achieve its objectives.

Size: Usability was key to the choice of format and our 12pp, A5 fold out option allowed us to split the leaflet’s informative text into relevant sections whilst at the same time provide a large, easy to read location map. 

Our Recommendation: 12pp, A5 fold out is a very flexible format and we suggest calling in to discuss design and layouts prior to starting your project. 

Materials: 75% recycled, 150gsm silk was the preferred choice. Less reflective than gloss, this paper suited our client’s needs and the recycled element was chosen to emphasise their environmental credentials having achieved certification to the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard in 2008. 

Our Recommendation: Recycled papers benefit the environment and currently do not add significantly to the cost of production. 

Printing: Full colour throughout – this allowed us to highlight key elements within the map artwork as well as accentuate the main information points and imagery within the leaflet. 

Our Recommendation: Print this type of project in full colour as it provides a much better “reading experience” for the end user. 

Finishing: The 12pp, A5 format provides a practical, storable and useable leaflet. It folds out to produce an A3 sheet which is easy to handle. 

Our Top Tip:  Call us to discuss the most suitable layout and design that will provide maximum impact as well as promote your product/service and inform your clients BEFORE any work begins on the artwork.