January 3, 2015
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Why produce a programme for your event?:

We offer direction from design to finishing the printed piece while advising on the do’s and don’ts of preparing a programme for printing. This is a good way to raise funds for your organisation, whilst at the same time create an archive of historical information and images for your particular sport or event. A programme can help raise your organisation’s profile and further increase interest and possibly even participation in your sport.


Various including Shetland Junior Inter-county Association, Shetland Interclub, Shetland Football Association and Shetland Volleyball Association.

Customer Feedback:

“We raised funds from the sale of our programme and our own feedback from player and spectators on the design and content was very positive”. KS – S.V.A.


In general pagination will depend on your budget, the size of your event, the amount of programmes you can sell and of course the final content you decide to publish. With this in mind we produce programmes from 4pp upwards.

Our Recommendation:

A5 portrait booklets work well for sporting events. Let us advise on the most economical number of pages prior to sending you a free quotation.


130/150gsm gloss, silk or matt art paper work well and the decision on which one to choose will mainly come down to personal choice rather than any obvious technical benefit.

Our Recommendation:

Choosing one of our recycled ranges of papers will benefit the environment and currently do not add much, if anything in some instances, to the cost of production.


Full colour throughout – it provides better value for your potential customers or supporting advertisers and is what the majority of purchasers expect.

Our Recommendation:

Get your job printed using the lithographic process on a commercial printing press for the best reproduction. Avoid poor digitally printed substitutes if possible.


We saddle stitch the majority of A5 booklets and trim to the finished size on our binding line before packaging them ready for delivery.

Our Recommendation:

Produce a “self-covered” programme with the same weight of cover as is on the inside pages. This is the most economical format.

Our Top Tip:

It will help if you initially take time to approach relevant companies that are in some way connected to your sport or event and offer them the opportunity to advertise in your programme.

Set a sensible price per full page or half page advert. This will provide enough revenue to help pay for the production of your programme – the cash raised from the sale of the programme is clear profit for your funds.