We are here to assist and help supply the end result or product you desire. From sourcing your company’s entire print requirement through to finding a solution to meet a tight deadline, we will strive to enhance your company profile and maximise the impact of your organisation’s promotional material.

One major benefit of using our company is the time saving aspect offered as we complete the majority of our printing in-house at our Lerwick print factory based in Shetland.

We provide access to multiple media channels which allows our clients to showcase their business to a large customer audience. We’ll help you simultaneously combine your print promotions with the main online and social media platforms your clients’ are using to further enhance and target your marketing message.

Our current in-house quality system, based on the ISO 9000 National Quality Assurance Award, ensures we maintain high standards of work, producing the consistent and reliable services and products you expect and deserve.




Our mission is simple: to be the leading promotional print and communications organisation in Shetland. We will provide appropriate answers and recommend unique resolutions by sharing the technology, products, skills and experience we have gained with clients’ who are searching for solutions to their promotional quandaries.

Combining leading-edge promotional print material, advertising, marketing, and social media opportunities, and running them simultaneously across various platforms, we aim to create effective cross media campaigns to keep our clients’ one-step ahead – and in touch with their customers.

At The Shetland Times exceeding customer expectations is high on our agenda. Our family owned business encourages a strong work ethic, emphasising the importance of employees taking pride in every job they do. By focusing on providing solutions for organisations of all sizes, this philosophy has allowed our business to go from strength to strength since it was established in 1872.

Our web site,  weekly newspaper and monthly Shetland Life magazine are “community orientated” for Shetland residents, exiles and visitors providing regular, reliable, impartial news and information related to Shetland. We embrace technology, having been the first weekly newspaper in Scotland to go online in March 1996, and continue working hard as a team to grow and improve our business.

Despite the continuing changes that digital and other new technologies are making to our industry we feel that experienced, qualified, caring staff help build long term, happy customer relationships. We understand and nurture this philosophy.